Fantasy creatures to print and color, from dragons to unicorns.

A mythical "sea horse" to color in your favorite bright colors, or soft, muted colors. His scales shine with a lovely light blue irridescence.

A wild Unicorn spotted by hikers, while they visited high country trails in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Carousel Horse to Color by Stacey Mayer C. 1998

From the very first pages of the coloring book. This is my favorite carousel horse drawing!

Tasseled carousel horse to color in gold, blue or even in stripes of every color.

Classic carousel horse we used to see at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. You may have similar carousels in your city, too.

Arabian horse carousel, by Stacey Mayer

An old fashioned Arabian horse carousel drawn by Stacey Mayer, is waiting for you to print and color.


Unicorns to Color

Beautiful unicorns drawn by Stacey Mayer to print and color at home.

Dragon Coloring Pages Dragons may grow to be large, or stay very small, and hatch in every color combination. They are a favorite character in books written for children, or adults.