The Arabian Horse Pages presented by our SponsorsThe Arabian Horse Pages™ sponsors our free online coloring books of original art created by Stacey Mayer. You are welcome to print and color the pages on your home printer. Thank you to my friends, Donna Sylvestre, and Lisa Robertson, for sharing your Arabian horses with us.

Pretty Filly's EarsPretty Filly to Print and Color

A pretty Arabian filly's ears
give her such a wonderful expression. Her temperment is so friendly, she could belong to a young rider. Color her as a bay, or chestnut, or whatever your favorite coat color may be. A fine art print of her is available here

Arab chariot horses on a Greek terracotta vase, coloring page by Stacey Mayer.An Arab type horse with an arched neck and triangular head is found on many archaic Greek Horse Vases. The Arab type of chariot horse was invaluable in war, and for quickly transporting high ranking individuals around the town and countryside.

Bedouin horse to color by Stacey MayerBedouins created the world's finest performance horse breed, known today as the Arabian horse. His legendary endurance heritage comes from all over the Middle East.

Bay Egyptian stallion RLA Frog Prince wants to be a cutting horse.RLA Royal Legend's stallion practices his cutting horse moves, in his home paddock in Bryan, Texas. Prince has several new foals on the ground that have inherited his performance attitude, and long legs. Come visit, Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians, in Texas.
RLA Frog Prince is a bay stallion, with bright bay body, dark legs, shiny black mane and tail, and no socks. His coloring page shows him as a clean, line drawing. You can color him any color you'd like! You can even make him a black, or a chestnut, if you'd like.