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Standby for Fishing!

Your online purchases at Stacey-Mayer.pixels.com are so appreciated. Our family has yet to receive any Washington State unemployment since I was placed on standby, March 16. It's been devastating financially and emotionally. I'm a full-time optician locally, and our office closed in March. I've kept busy and hopeful by drawing and painting new animals, fishes, and horse breeds for the coloring book every day.

We're looking forward to being able to take our four-year-old grandson, Benjamin, for his first fishing trip on Saturday. You should see him practice his fishing technique on the lawn! Enjoying a peanut butter and cookies picnic beside the lake sure sounds like heaven. I think that's just what the family needs - time in the great outdoors!

Benjamin enjoys his watercolor paints while sitting beside me in the garage when the weather has prevented us from being outside. There's more outdoor weather coming. I'm doing my best to create a new artist in the family!

Your prayers make all the difference. Thank you.

Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians

Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians breeds straight Egyptian sporthorses. Inspired by the elite licensed German import, *Bakil, we raise our purebred Arabian horses with attention to forming exceptional temperaments, young horses ready to become lifelong companions, and show horse competitors. Starting with hands-on attention of each foal, our foals become steady, attentive riding partners, as well as world-class foundation Egyptian Arabian breeding horses. 

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Spotted Quarter Horses

As I was cruising through Facebook a few years ago, I spotted a photo of a blanketed Appaloosa marked Quarter Horse stallion in the, “suggested column”. What did I just see? I had to chase that link! There he was; Reminic in Spots, a registered, blanketed bay A.Q.H.A stallion. A true blanketed Appaloosa pattern AQHA horse. 

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Stacey's ArtMasks™

Our family is staying home and being careful, probably just like yours. We're taking Benjamin for little walks to be sure we’re all getting enough sunshine. He was hyper-alert to our local playground equipment displaying caution tape as we walked by, and some of our neighbors wearing masks.

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