Dear Followers,

Please help bring my digital art to life on canvas! I want to paint outside with Benjamin in the sunshine. I want to play with our grandson in our own yard. I want to plant a garden with Benjamin.

On our frequent rainy days, he's stuck inside our Everett, WA apartment. Benjamin needs to be able to play outside in the sun. In order to give him every opportunity to continue to grow and thrive as any normal five-year-old, we need to relocate. He's grown so much taller after they "patched" the hole in his heart.

We want to support his continued growth. He has wonderful PAH specialists ready for him at Texas Children's Hospital.

Help us to move where the cost of living is much lower, and he may grow up painting next to me in the sunshine.

Please donate and help us move out of our Everett WA apartment into a home in Texas next week! We need to tune up our old Ford truck and get an oil change. We need to pay for the movers. Please help us move ASAP!

Thank you!


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