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"In addition to giving artists a new potential revenue stream by selling unique copies of their work, it can also keep track of copyright ownership." - Plagiarism Today

A major consideration for every artist creating works that may eventually end up as digital, photographic, or print media needs to preserve the provenance and legal copyright usage of their original works.

Releasing artworks to the blockchain as a digital collectible transparently establishes original authorship while providing an ongoing record of sales and current ownership. Accordingly, artists across the world are interested in using the unique characteristics of the blockchain to document, sell, and preserve their artwork - while creating residual income.

Many artists include details about the relevant licensing rights within their creation contract, making the license clearly available for buyers to review. Musicians, and fine artists, have enthusiastically adopted the ease of distribution and the benefits of direct sales the digital collectible marketplace offers.

Unlike an original painting that may end up languishing in an obscure attic over time, the digital collectible isn't damaged by inattention, neglect, or direct sunlight. Remember, your valuable NFT may be easily delivered and transferred without a box, shipping labels, or tape!

New uses for secure collectibles are expanding daily, simply for their basic intrinsic qualities. The early adoption by Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging and established artists around the world continue to give creative and innovative uses to their collections.

Knowing a commission is earned by the artist upon future sales of their artistic or musical collectible provides documented benefits for their future earnings and estate planning. They have become an essential piece in the earning power of artists around the world.

Stand by, as the use of quality digital projects are adopted in the quickly expanding market.

Written by Stacey Mayer Stacey Mayer
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