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AWhiteHorse Banner Requirements

The AWhiteHorse NFT Film Festival Open Call for Banners

Open Call for Contemporary Artists to Submit Virtual Banners!

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AWhiteHorse Spatial Amphitheater

Meet us at the AWhiteHorse™ Spatial Amphitheater

You're invited to attend the Inaugural AWhiteHorse Film Festival, this Saturday, September 10th, 2022.

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First AWhiteHorse Film Festival

AWhiteHorse Film Festival™
In the Spatial Amphitheater
 Featuring Artist's Shorts and NFTs, Bret Jolliffe, producer

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NFTs - A Solution to Art Theft

Blue Horse Rearing on OpenSeaHappy New Year Readers! I love creating and maintaining AWhiteHorse's free online coloring book. It's fun to create new pages and come up with new ideas and new sketches to share online. But posting my drawings online comes with a frustrating dark side, too.

My frequent readers and long-time supporters call me occasionally, to report they've found one of my drawings on someone else's website. Stolen without even my name remaining - much less a link to their original home or author. I'm glad my supporters called me, but then comes the gut-wrenching feeling when I find out the thieves have made unknown amounts of profit from my stolen drawings.

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SportCash.one NFT Marketplace

New Sports Collectibles

SportCash.one Opens New Sports NFT Marketplace featuring Artist Stacey Mayer

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Standby for Fishing!

Your online purchases from Stacey-Mayer.pixels.com are so appreciated. Our family waited to receive any Washington State unemployment for over eight weeks after being placed on standby, March 16, 2020. It's been devastating financially and emotionally.

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The Best Horseback Riding Camps

Features of the Best Horseback Riding Camps

Watch for These Important Features

Texas ranch raised horsesHorseback riding camps can be a wonderful way for riders of all skill levels to improve their riding abilities while having fun and making new friends. You're looking for an experience that fosters confidence, courage, and determination - accomplished by an unforgettable equine experience.

When it comes to the best local horseback riding camps, there are several key features that easily set them apart from the rest.

A Lesson Horse for Each Student

One of the most important features of the best horseback riding camps is the opportunity to ride your own lesson horse instead of sharing each lesson horse. This allows riders to develop a stronger connection with their horse and gain a deeper understanding of their horse's behavior and personality.

Many local riding camps only offer shared horses to ride, sometimes five to seven riders per two, maybe three horses, making riders wait their turn between rides. That's certainly a less than ideal riding lesson experience, and it's not fair to the kids or the horses.

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