Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth to Color

Mammoth to Print and Color

The Puget Sound basin has a rich history of diverse prehistoric animals, especially from the Pleistocene Era preserved in the local fossil record.

As the ice age glaciers disappeared, and our deep gullies filled with seawater, (Puget Sound,) there were giant Woolly Mammoths, Short-faced Bears, and our own versions of today's speedy cat, the cheetah.

Here's one of my favorites; the Woolly Mammoth. Several large fossilized Mammoth tusks have been discovered around the Pacific Northwest, found by local residents during farming activities, and one was even found by a downtown Seattle building crew! 

Washington State was the home to thousands of prehistoric Woolly Mammoths. Our big Woolly Mammoth should be a lot of fun for you to print and color.

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