A collection of blog posts about my art projects, new coloring book activities, images, and products.

An Unusual Coloring Book

Arabian Horse Free JumpingWelcome to Stacey's online coloring pages. This is an unusual selection of drawings, as they are all from one artist; me! My coloring book pages are a collection of my own original sketches of my favorite animals, species, and breeds I admire. I've kept them as rough original sketches on purpose; to let you see how it was drawn. They're not "cleaned up" with even, uniform lines, normally found in commercial coloring books. This is truly a personal collection aimed to let you see how I draw. I want you to see how I find the lines.

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Dropys Talks About Staceys NFTs

Stacey NFTs Featured by Dropys

Thank you to Dropys for sharing the story of my offerings of equine art NFTs, and merchandise. The several collections of original NFTs help to support our grandson, Benjamin. Whether we're creating an NFT collection of birds, flowers, horses, or unicorns, our goal is to create a lasting NFT legacy for Benjamin on the blockchain.

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Jonah Goes Horseback Riding

Jonah's World NFTs

Jonah is a special boy from Canada living with a rare disease (Dyskeratosis Congenita). He is a happy, creative kid with lots of ideas to share! He loves to draw and paint and creates NFTs to share on OpenSea. Now, Jonah has his own coloring page to print and color!

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