Seattle Artist Moves to Texas

Growing bigger in Texas

Now We Are Texans

Dear Readers, moving to Texas has definitely helped bring my art to life on canvas! Now, I'm able to paint and sculpt outside while Benjamin plays beside me in the bright sunshine.

I can play with our grandson outside in our own backyard. We've even started a small garden with Benjamin.

During the frequent rainy days in Puget Sound, we would frequently be stuck inside our Everett, WA apartment. Benjamin needs to be able to play outside in the sun to give him every opportunity to grow and thrive. He's grown so much taller after they "patched" the hole in his heart, and since we've moved to Texas, he has grown a FULL INCH TALLER.

We hoped the Texas sunshine would support his continued growth, and our hope has been rewarded. Benjamin has grown to forty-five full inches tall, at just five years old! His new PAH specialists at Texas Children's Hospital are thrilled with his continued progress.

Now, Benjamin will grow up playing outside, learning to ride horses, and painting with me in the warm Texas sunshine.

Thank you for helping us move from our Everett WA apartment to Central Texas. Our old Ford truck made it, and we're successfully living in our new home. We couldn't have accomplished the move without your continued support.

Thank you!

Stacey Mayer
August 2020

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