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Benjamin and Grandma

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The Result

During the pandemic, the number of images stolen and appearing on for-profit sites seemed to increase dramatically. Of course, you have the right to print and color the images from™ for your personal use. Because I love you all very much. But most of the sites posting stolen images from our site,™, are overseas corporations. They stand to make a lot of money by stealing my artwork. They end up on all sorts of animal or horse lovers' items, from tee shirts, and purses, to embroidery designs. Once they see the designs sell, they come back for more. 

The United States Federal Copyright Law exists to protect an artist's creativity from the moment a work is created. But our American law means next to nothing overseas, even though the items carrying the Stacey Mayer designs usually end up in the USA. Somehow, I need to protect my collection of artwork differently. To preserve my ability to keep sharing with you going forward, some coloring pages on will be moved behind a sort of paywall. I haven't decided how that will look yet. I realize it's become a necessary part of the natural recognition of my art, through the growth of my name recognition. Entering the NFT marketplace in early 2022 has quickly accelerated the process.

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