King Hussein: A Legacy of Peace

Arabian Horses for Peace

King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan, (1935-1999,) dedicated his life to achieving peace in the Middle East. He understood the historical significance of gifts in Arab culture, particularly the prized Arabian horse. These horses, symbols of sacrifice, commitment, and survival, were given as traditional gestures of great respect and friendship.

A Modern Echo

King Hussein mirrored this tradition by offering the priceless "Gift of Peace" to the modern world. Just as a magnificent Arabian horse represented generations of dedication, King Hussein's tireless efforts aimed to produce lasting peace for future generations.


Children Carry the Torch

Inspired by King Hussein's legacy, we invited local children to participate in "Arabian Horses for Peace." By coloring and exchanging their Arabian horses with each other, children learned about the story of "The Peacemaker King" and his vision of peace. Their artwork, a simple act of creativity, continues to send a powerful message of hope around the world.

You are invited to print out my Arabian horse in his native costume to share with your elementary school classroom, and let the students create their own version of the Arabian stallion. Let them choose the horse's colors, and the tassels colors, to create their own "Arabian horse" in memory of the Peacemaker King.
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King Hussein the Peacemaker King
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